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About VacuumCleaners.Net

Next time you call us with a question, you can see what we look like. Come in and check us out. Afterall, you would not walk into a store that had invisible people working there. We want this concept online as well.

This helps us make our web site more personal to our customers and we have received some great emails thanking us for showing ourselves.

Meet the Staff

Scott - Founder & CEO

The Donald Trump of the cleaning industry. No, Scott's not a real estate developer, but we are still all his apprentices and we did not even have to appear on a reality TV show. He's a great man to work for and a inspiration to all of us. With twenty five years of experience in this industry, Scott really does know the best deals available. We all admire his true passion for the success of not only the business but also for each of us.  He is a wonderfull man to work for.


Susan supports all operations of the business. A hard worker and a caring mother of two beautiful girls, Susan comes in and immediately shifts into business mode. She sells, performs customer service, and takes care of all marketing and advertising. We all often say that she has the patience of a saint.  Dealing with over 300 customers per day is a tough task but she gets it done with a smile.


Leroy - Manager of Product Maintenance

Leroy is not mechanically inclined. He is mechanically talented. He will fix anything and I've seen it. From commercial machinery, vacuum cleaners to all the major appliances.  With over forty years in the repair business we often say if he can't fix it nobody can. 

Robert - Head Technician Central Vacuum Installations

We call him Bobby around the store. Bobby goes to people's homes and offices and installs central vacuums. Unfortunately, we cannot offer Bobby's talents over the web, but Bobby keeps us entertained in the store between installations. Bobby is a kid at heart and being successful at this job requires a lot of energy and Bobby is full of energy.

Troy - Shipping Manager

This gentleman makes sure that all of our packages reach our valued customers, especially our online customers. When Troy is not working for us, he is shipping himself to various cities to audition for American Idol (no comment from Simon) or to NFL games when the weather is fair.


The leader in vacuums and industrial cleaning equipment

VacuumCleaners.Net has access to six warehouses spread across the United States to guaranty a quick delivery. We are celebrating over 22 years in business.

The number one reason for our success is the selection of quality merchandise we offer to our customers. We offer hundreds of different makes and models of vacuum cleaners, central vacuums and industrial cleaning equipment. Choose from the top names in the industry including Hoover, Clarke, Pacific, Kent, Panasonic, Pullman-Holt, Perfect, Oreck, Mercury, Dyson, Eureka, Miele, Beam and more. Just a few of the products available are:

Vacuum cleaners, Hip vacuums, Backpack vacuums, Air purifiers, Carpet extractors, Auto scrubbers, Floor machines, Sprayers, Sanders, Burnishers

When shopping other stores, you may be limited either to one specific vacuum brand or an inexperienced sales person who just wants to sell the store's current inventory. Different people have different needs. Because of our huge selection and inventory, we are sure you will find the vacuum cleaner or industrial cleaning equipment that will best meet your requirements. We also have a price guarantee to meet or beat any price on the Internet, so you know that you will be getting the best vacuum value.

Thank you for visiting VacuumCleaners.Net.