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Ash Vacuums

An ash vacuum cleaner is designed to help eliminate fireplace ash conveniently and easily. Other common sources of ash include smokers, fire pits, grills, and other surfaces that can accumulate ash build up. Ash vacuums have several components integral to their filtering and suctioning capabilities. These include a cartridge filter, hose, nozzle, vacuum port, and fire resistant container. All these parts work together to filter and vacuum both cold and warm ash, and deposit everything into a convenient container for later disposal.

Ash Vacuum Cleaners

The last thing you want as a homeowner is to have ash and dust all over your belongings. For those who use wood stoves and fireplaces, ash deposits are expected. Traditionally, shovels and buckets have been used for removing burned coals or ashes from fireplaces. However, this is usually a messy operation. Ash and dust can fly everywhere contributing to an environment that's not healthy. For efficient cleaning of wood stoves and fireplaces, the best solution is the use of an ash vacuum cleaner.

Safe Fireplace Cleaning Our ash vacuum cleaners are among the safest methods to clean stoves and fireplaces. These metal units can withstand high temperatures and are fire resistant. The filtration system is so fine that ashes cannot escape back through into your room. Most of our ash vacuum cleaner models are quiet and calm and available in a variety of styles and models. Browse our selection of ash vacuums to find a system to clean your ash safely and easily. We also carry hoses and brushes to ensure you can clean even the hardest to reach areas.