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Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

A backpack vacuum cleaner is designed to strap on the back and is perfect for cleaning professionals on the move having a lot of ground to cover. These models come with a complete set of cleaning accessories and a longer extension cord. Our backpack vacuum cleaners are ideal for quickly cleaning offices and homes with multiple floors.

Backpack Vacuums

At VacuumCleaners.net, we offer a wide selection of versatile commercial backpack vacuum cleaning systems. You can literally take these vacuum cleaners anywhere you go. With longer cords, the user is able to clean a large area without re-plugging. These have proven to be very popular for cleaning healthcare facilities, large office complexes, airplanes, factories, and college campuses. We also have a number of cordless models available as well. If weight is a concern, our lightweight backpack vacuum models are perfect for those on the go.

Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

We offer clients a great selection of backpack vacuum cleaner designs equipped with every imaginable attachment and feature you could possibly want. Check out our line of backpack vacuums featuring super quiet motors for those who work in environments where interruptions are not permitted. Our many commercial backpack vacuum cleaners are perfect for powerful cleaning within hospitals, apartments, and commercial work areas. Regardless of your needs, we can supply you with the best backpack vacuum cleaner.

Residential Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

Although commonly utilized for industrial cleaning, many homeowners are starting to realize the convenience and efficiency of backpack vacuums. They offer extreme ease of use and convenience, while still providing a powerful home cleaning solution.