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Canister Vacuum Cleaners

If you have rugs and hardwood floors, a canister vacuum cleaner is what you might want to use in order to keep your floors dirt and dust free. As with an upright vacuum, canister vacuums come in both bagless and bag models. A bagless design eliminates the ongoing expense of purchasing new bags, although this cost may be offset by replacing filters more often. A bagging vacuum generally holds more dirt, and is often preferable for those with allergies. At VacuumCleaners.net, we offer many canister vacuum cleaners that will do a great job of cleaning your home.

Commercial Canister Vacuums

A canister vacuum has a number of benefits. As a general rule, a canister vacuum has a more powerful motor compared to other styles. This often gives them superior cleaning abilities. Additionally, canister vacuums are tightly sealed resulting in less dust expelled. Many models come with special hypo-allergenic filters for cleaner air. Many customers purchase canister models because they are easy to maneuver. Since these designs are small and lightweight, cleaning around obstacles is a snap. You'll also find numerous attachments to clean furniture, eliminate dust, and reach into tight crevices.

Canister Vacuum Attachments

Most canister vacuum cleaners come with a set of standard attachments such as a floor nozzle, upholstery tool, and dusting brush. A recommended attachment for cleaning plush carpeting and rugs is a power nozzle. You'll find most models have on-board attachment storage which is especially convenient for those using attachments frequently when they vacuum. Allow the professionals at VacuumCleaners.net to help you select the canister that matches your cleaning needs.