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Carpet Shampooers and Carpet Vacuums

If you want to clean a large area of carpet effectively and efficiently, you should definitely consider an investment in a residential or commercial carpet shampooer. The first step is to determine the type of carpeting to be cleaned, and then finding a carpet shampooer that meets your cleaning requirements. For residential use, we have a number of name-brand, easy to setup and use home carpet shampooers. For industrial environments that have large areas of carpeting, heavy duty commercial carpet shampooers are the best choice.

Commercial Carpet Shampooers

Commercial carpet equipment is meant to be used on either residential or business carpeting. These models are highly effective as they have the capability of cleaning much deeper with faster drying times compared with standard residential carpet cleaners. Most of our commercial units have an intense system of rotating brushes to give your carpeting the deep cleaning it really needs. Depending upon your specific needs, we have models that incorporate a mixture of cleaning solutions and hot water to provide the desired result.

Carpet Vacuums

If you are seeking a well-designed commercial carpet vacuum cleaner system, we have a number of commercial carpet vacuum cleaner models and brands available. An industrial carpet vacuum has the ability to effectively remove not only dust and dirt, but additionally, pollen, bacteria, dander, dust mites, and harmful allergens. Our heavy duty carpet vacuum products will eliminate from your carpets the deepest built-in dirt and restore them to their natural beauty. Check out our line of useful attachments and accessories as well.