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Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial upright vacuums have become some of the most popular vacuums on the market today. We offer a wide variety of models and manufacturers to accommodate your needs. Many clients find that upright vacuum cleaners are among the most adaptable since they can be used for so many purposes. Whether you need a quick cleanup, or are performing a complete home or office cleaning, our commercial upright vacuum cleaners come with a full line of accessories that are attached to the vacuum cleaner itself.

Powerful Commercial Uprights

A commercial upright vacuum cleaner will have several features included that are not found in other models. For example, commercial uprights are designed and built to be utilized in commercial settings and therefore have a more rugged design and powerful motor. These upright vacuums will quickly and effectively deep clean your carpeting and flooring surface with incredible suction power. Browse through our line of commercial upright vacuum cleaners to find a heavy duty model that’s best suited to meet your cleaning needs. Additionally, to maintain efficiency of your commercial upright, we carry parts and supplies for every major model and brand.

Commercial Upright Vacuums

Carpeting comes in many styles and designs from thick and plush, to thinner yet rugged commercial grade. Areas that are heavily trafficked can be a challenge to keep clean. Commercial vacuum cleaners come with rugged heavy duty hoses and brushes to tackle all types of industrial, commercial and retail cleaning jobs. These versatile and highly powerful commercial systems offer maximum power and effectiveness to ensure your flooring and carpet is completely dust and dirt free.