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Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

With thousands of vacuum cleaners sold, we know and understand residential and commercial vacuum cleaners. A commercial vacuum cleaner system is different from residential vacuums in a number of ways, and there are several things that business owners should understand prior to purchasing a commercial vacuum.

Commercial Vacuum Use

We carry a full line of quality commercial vacuums covering a wide range of industrial and business uses. One of the first considerations when purchasing a new cleaner is determining how and when it will be used. For example, this will include the type of carpeting, whether you'll be picking up metal items such as screws, and if your cleaning team will need on-board tools. Another important factor is the environment. A warehouse or industrial setting would probably require a stronger unit compared to commercial office vacuum cleaners.

Recommended Commercial Systems

There are many high-end commercial vacuum cleaners on the market today. Some of the higher rated units, including systems commonly seen in restaurants, hotels and businesses are readily available through our website. All these have proven to be durable and powerful, yet are easy to use and feature good filtration. At VacuumCleaners.net, we only sell commercial vacuum cleaners we firmly believe in, and test practically every model sold.

Number of Cleaners Needed

We want to help you select the perfect commercial vacuum cleaner that matches your specific needs, whether you only need one or two vacuums, or many. Additionally, check out our line of powerful commercial shampooers. By selecting the right commercial vacuum cleaner for your business, you'll end up saving time and money.