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Dehumidifiers and Pressure Washers

Industrial dehumidifiers are commonly utilized in commercial buildings, industrial plants and warehouses to control humidity levels. They are perfect to regulate temperatures within an area helping to protect valuable equipment and merchandise. Quite often, warehouses can be subjected to very high humidity levels along with extreme temperatures. In these environments, commercial dehumidifiers are the perfect solution. If you are looking for industrial pressure washers, we have a number of models available that offer a wide range of options and attachments.

Commercial Dehumidifiers

A commercial dehumidifier is an important part of your restorative drying system. Without having proper dehumidification, an air mover will continuously circulate evaporated moisture causing secondary damage. Our industrial dehumidifiers are designed to specifically remove water vapor not only from the air, but the surrounding structural materials. Whether you need a smaller portable unit, or a large industrial strength dehumidifier, we have exactly what you need. If you don't find what you desire in our line of commercial dehumidifiers, give us a call today.

Industrial Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are widely used for a number of commercial cleaning applications. The powerful spray from industrial pressure washers will ensure effective cleaning of any type of surface, whether it's concrete, wood, fiber, or glass. The main component to look for in industrial pressure washers is the pump and amount of pressure. Most models allow for pressure adjustment and type of spray. If you have stubborn stains or dirt and grime, a hot-water industrial pressure washer system is ideal. Frequently, pressure washers are perfect for industrial plants, food processing facilities, agricultural machinery and garages.