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Drum and Orbital Floor Sanders

Orbital and drum floor sanders are mainly used for revitalizing and beautifying hardwood floors. Whether you want a completely different look, or prefer your floor’s current natural tint, sanding is an essential first step. For most people, it's simply a matter of determining whether to do the sanding work themselves or hire experienced floor sanders. Sanding hardwood flooring is often a time-consuming and daunting task for those who are inexperienced.

Using a Drum Floor Sander

Most cleaning professionals are in agreement that sanding a floor is an intense job that should be performed only by specialists. A first-timer or anyone not familiar with the process could end up damaging their floors. However, if you feel you are capable, browse through our selection of drum and orbital floor sanders to find the one that will do the specific job required. We have several commercial orbital and drum floor sanders designed to tackle even the most difficult hardwood flooring task.

Finding an Orbital Floor Sander

The type of floor sander required depends upon the space being sanded. For a more wide-open area, drum floor sanders typically perform best. Conversely, orbital floor sanders are more suited for sanding jobs in tighter areas. A drum floor sander is usually much heavier, while the orbital model is going to be more compact. After selecting the right type of sander for your flooring, you'll discover that all areas of your hardwood floor can have a beautiful shine. Even smaller jobs necessitate the use of a dependable drum or orbital floor sander.