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Electric Brooms for Quick Cleanups

Although there are many ways to vacuum your home, one of the most convenient ways these days is with a cordless electric broom. Many of our clients are amazed at how much power these small and compact vacuum cleaners have. Probably the biggest selling feature of these units is their sleek and slim design. Because they are incredibly thin, these electric brooms are lightweight and manageable. Whether you need a quick cleanup on your carpeting or flooring, electric brooms are highly effective.

Electric Broom Advantages

Electric brooms are very easy to carry around your home. No matter what area of the house you happen to be in, cleaning is quick and easy. We carry many brands and styles featuring a variety of options and colors. Another important benefit is not having to deal with dust bags. Our electric broom models have dust compartments that can easily be cleaned out when needed. If you need a cordless cleaning solution that can reach even the most difficult areas, you might want to consider looking at electric brooms.

Corded or Battery-Powered

We offer two types of electric broom models; battery operated and those with an electrical cord. The cordless unit is easily removed from the charger unit and carried to the area that needs cleaned up. A corded electric broom is somewhat more effective with dirt removal as the motor is more powerful, providing stronger suction. Since a corded broom is not restrained by battery life, longer cleaning times are attainable. Regardless of your preference, electric brooms are very convenient and compact. Additionally, they are effective for both carpeted and hard surface floors.