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Floor Buffers and Floor Steamers

If you need to create a spotless floor having a deep polished shine, a good floor buffer might be what you are looking for. Floor buffers are designed to make certain your flooring surface looks its absolute best and can be used on everything from linoleum to marble and wood. Our heavy duty floor buffers feature powerful motors and durable buffing pads to ensure a shiny and bright finish to your flooring. We offer many models, from residential floor buffers to commercial machines.

Commercial Floor Buffers

One of the first things to consider when buying a floor buffer is whether you need a commercial or residential model. All floor buffers will have rotating brushes that you can easily adjust to different speeds. It's this motion that forces the dirt and grime stuck on the floor to be quickly and effectively eradicated leaving the flooring with a shiny appearance. A residential unit is better suited for smaller areas and surfaces, including hallways, bathrooms and kitchens.

Floor Steamers and Floor Burnishers

In addition to our line of household and commercial floor buffer units, we also carry a number of specialized floor machines. Hardwood floor steamers are perfect for removing light stains and scuffs in your home or business. With our floor burnishers and steamers, you'll be able to safely and effectively clean your flooring without chemicals or harsh additives. Most floor steamers today feature lightweight designs for ease of use, and are simple to navigate and handle. To quickly eliminate dirt, germs and bacteria, a residential floor steamer is the perfect solution.