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Floor Scrubbers and Floor Sweepers

Floor scrubbers have become among the most popular cleaning machine purchased by commercial and industrial cleaning companies. Our scrubbing machines work in both industrial and commercial locations that need surfaces cleaned with a chemical solution. Whether you have tile, concrete, marble or painted floors, our line of commercial and industrial floor scrubbers will get your flooring looking like new. We also provide parts for all manufacturers and name brands.

Automatic Floor Scrubbers

An automatic floor scrubber can clean almost any hard floor surface from ceramic to concrete. These heavy-duty commercial industrial floor scrubbers will apply the cleaning solution, scrub, clean, and strip the floor in one pass. Automatic floor scrubbers use commercial strength batteries and motors. They feature easy maneuverability, and are well known for power and efficiency within commercial and industrial settings.

Industrial Rider Scrubber

A commercial or automatic floor scrubber is used in a number of industries that require scrubbing machines from large industrial warehouses or manufacturers, to smaller commercial retail stores. These versatile machines can significantly cut back on cleaning time, and are very easy to utilize. For wide open spaces, check out our industrial grade scrubbers.

Industrial Floor Sweepers

Commercial floor sweepers are available in many styles and designs. We carry a full line of floor sweepers that are electric powered, manual, ride-on or walk-behind. Our high quality and durable industrial floor sweepers are manufactured with precision parts and workmanship from today's leading brands. You'll find that a commercial floor sweeper has amazing power and cleaning capacity. Many industrial floor sweepers today are used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.