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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Sweepers

All our powerful commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners are manufactured to commercial specifications, with some including features such as high capacity filtration and dual motors. Our industrial units are noted for outstanding performance and great durability. Choose from a number of canisters, uprights, and other commercial vacuum styles we carry.

Powerful Industrial Vacuums

At VacuumCleaners.net, technology and advancements are continually being incorporated in our innovative commercial and industrial vacuum cleaner line. Our powerful systems are designed to meet any type of floor and carpet cleaning need by businesses and homeowners alike. Some of the features and performance offered include excellent dust control with superior filtration, leading to improved air quality. You'll find industrial vacuum cleaners with compact designs, up to larger wide area industrial vacuums having larger bases to accommodate open spaces.

Advanced Filtration Units

We understand our commercial clients require powerful and rugged industrial vacuum cleaning solutions that meet even the most dirty and dusty cleaning challenges. We offer advanced equipment that’s easy to utilize and maintain while increasing efficiency and productivity. Another concern is indoor air quality. You'll find a number of units using certified industrial filtration systems resulting in an optimized and safe indoor breathing environment.

Industrial Upright Cleaners

VacuumCleaners.net offers powerful heavy-duty uprights with extra wide cleaning paths and easy access dust bags. If you are in the business of office or home cleaning, our range of commercial uprights is the perfect solution. Many feature powerful two-motor systems and convenient attachments, yet are lightweight and a breeze to handle. Whether your needs are commercial or residential use, our selection of industrial vacuum cleaners will surely please you.