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Residential Vacuum Cleaners

We are one of the leading sources for low prices on household vacuum cleaners and accessories. Our professional staff is ready to help you in your selection of our many models of commercial or residential vacuum cleaners. With our line of leading vacuum manufacturers and discount pricing, we know you'll find exactly what you are looking for.

Household Vacuum Cleaners

At VacuumCleaners.net, we have seen many improvements and trends in household vacuums over the years. One of the more recent advancements regarding residential vacuums is weight. Lighter vacuums reduce operator strain and are much easier to maneuver. In past years, a light residential vacuum cleaner usually equated to less power due to smaller motors and components. However, newer technologies have developed making even the smallest vacuum cleaner motors yield the same power as those much larger. We represent many vacuum cleaner manufacturers offering systems that are efficient and powerful for the home.

Residential Vacuums

A number of clients are uncertain whether to purchase a bagged or bagless residential vacuum. Some models feature filter bags that are discarded when full and replaced with a newer one. These models of household vacuums will filter more particles resulting in improved indoor air quality. In addition to our full line of residential vacuums, you can count on us for vacuum accessories, including bags and filters for all makes and styles. For customers wanting a quick and simple cleaning solution, a bagless vacuum might be the perfect choice. They are easy to operate and less expensive.