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Specials - Austin Air

The Austin Air Cleaner is built like no other air cleaner. Designed and built to superior standards to give you and your family the highest levels of protection and reliability, every Austin Air cleaner carries a five-year warranty on all parts and labor, plus a full five-year pro-rated filter warranty. Compare this with the cost of frequent filter replacement in other units. You will find that while you may pay more initially for Austin Air's premium quality, your investment will be repaid many times over. The high quality True Medical HEPA filter system makes Austin Air among the best available air cleaners on the market.

Whisper-quiet operation is another key feature of all Austin Air Cleaners. With a vibration-free welded all-steel body, these units run with a gentle background hush on low fan settings. The only sound you'll hear is moving air.

Austin Air's high efficiency PSC motor draws minimal current. Even on the highest setting, it will cost only a penny an hour to ensure your room has the cleanest air possible.

The powerful Austin Air Healthmate can even clean the air in multiple rooms. Rated for 400 CFM on the highest setting, the HealthMate can clean an area of up to 1500 sq. ft.

Austin Air cleaners are totally safe for continuous operation - turn them on and leave them on. Of course, for your convenience every Austin Air cleaner has a 3 speed centrifugal fan to adjust the unit to your liking.

Select models include easy-roll casters allowing you to move your Austin Air cleaner to any room in your home or office, delivering super cleaned air wherever you need it.

Every Austin Air cleaner features long-lasting all steel construction, whisper-quiet operation on the lowest setting, HEPA filters designed to last 5 years, and an energy-saving motor. Proudly Made in the USA.

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