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The LIFESMART Power Plus Infrared portable furnace produced with Amish Style Oak Cabinetry using furniture grade wood and handcrafted precision has proven to be a safe, cost saving, effective heat source. It will heat an unobstructed room of up to 1500 sq feet for pennies a day with all the benefits of Infrared Heating Technology. Heating the room air can reduce oxygen content and cause headaches. Infrared heating technology, by definition, does not heat up the air. Instead it targets the objects leaving the Oxygen and humidity intact. The LIFESMART Power Plus 1500-6 includes 6 each Industrial Copper Coated Infrared Quartz Elements that produce up to 5100 BTU for the ultimate experience. The LIFESMART Power Plus infrared quartz heater evenly distributes heat throughout 1200 square feet of indoor space from floor to ceiling, producing safe and continuous heating energy. The LIFESMART INFRARED Furnace is thermostatically controlled. Included is an easy to use remote control.

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