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Central Vacuum Cleaners - Tundra

Tundra. The name evokes images of barren terrain, and cold, harsh climate — where only the strong can thrive. We think it’s an apt metaphor for a company and line of commercial floor care products that are built to be durable, reliable, and perform at a very high level in every cleaning environment. Our Tusk line of floor machines and Aurora Air Movers are laying the foundation for establishing the Tundra brand as the premier cleaning equipment company in the Industry. Watch us clean. Watch us grow.   Tundra Equipment Company’s Tusk™ floor machines are built to handle the tough requirements of commercial floor cleaning, said Castaldo. “Our quality manufacturing processes and attention to design detail are apparent when you see a Tusk floor machine in operation. We are excited to be able to demonstrate the machines at this year’s ISSA/Interclean show.”

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