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Central Vacuum Cleaners - Windsor

Windsor's industry-leading commercial vacuums bring a 37 year history of high quality standards, and a proven reputation of reliability, performance and ease of maintenance. Windsor vacuums consistently bring the best in innovative equipment solutions to the commercial carpet cleaning industry.


With years of proven success in major hotels, casinos, schools, building service contractors and healthcare facilities, Windsor vacuums have had unmatched longevity and provide the return on investment and long term value that only Windsor vacuums can deliver.


Windsor's commercial upright vacuums are considered industry-standard, and are available with high efficiency filters and HEPA filters. Choose the Windsor Sensor, Versamatic or Axcess vacuums to promote indoor air quality and improve working environment.


Also offering HEPA filtration are Windsor’s NuWave wide area vacuum and the industry’s only Stand-on machine, the Chariot iVacuum.


Rounding our Windsor’s vacuum product line are: the TrekVac Canister vacuums for daily maintenance and cleaning; the Vac Pac portable back vacuums to clean faster with more comfort; and the Titan and Recover wet/dry vacuums for tough and versatile wet and dry cleaning. 

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