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Eagle Solutions founded its manufacturing facilities in Adairsville, Georgia, in 1989, to supply the janitorial / sanitation business with propane powered floor polishing equipment and chemicals eliminating the hassles of electric machines. Since that time, they have become a force to recon with, earning its reputation for its durable and high quality products. Paring the knowledge of propane engines with concrete grinding professionals from around the country, Eagle Solutions has introduced a new concept to the concrete polishing business, cordless equipment. This new cordless stone and concrete polishing system has more power than any other equipment on the market. The combination of superior diamonds and high powered, heavy duty equipment means speed and quality to the operator. Whether you have been in the concrete business for a long time or are seeking a new career opportunity, you will not find concrete grinding / polishing equipment that compares. Call Eagle Solutions today at 800.633.0519 to learn more or request a CD presentation on concrete grinding and polishing, Eagle Solutions equipment and a video demonstration.

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