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Your AirVac Central Vacuum is an integral part of a clean and healthy home. We can help you match the proper products for your cleaning needs, budget, and AirVac Vacuum Model. The foundational parts of a AirVac Central Vacuum are universal, such as the installation and wall inlet valves. Therefore, all hoses*, kits and accessoriessold here are compatible with AirVac Central Vacuums. Some of the most popular parts for AirVac Vacuums are given below or choose a category above.

The central vacuum system’s power is controlled through a low-voltage wire that connects to each wall inlet valve. When a central vacuum hose is inserted into the wall inlet valve, two sensing pins in the valve connect to the trigger ring on the hose end. Some hoses have a solid trigger ring that electrically connects the valve’s sensing pins whenever the hose is inserted into the valve, which starts the vacuum. Other hoses have a split trigger ring that’s connected to a low-voltage control switch in the hose’s handle, allowing the operator to control the vacuum unit’s power. A foam-filled muffler is included for installation in the exhaust system piping. The muffler substantially reduces operating noise. Routing the vacuum’s exhaust through piping to outside the residence assures all remaining dust vents outside of the building.

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