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According to the environmental protection agency (EPA) indoor air pollution is quickly becoming this country’s number one health problem. One way to ensure clean and dust-free air is by having a VACUFLO central vacuum system installed in your home. A VACUFLO system captures 100% of all vacuumed dirt, dust, odors, and allergens. Uprights, on the other hand, fall short because they operate at a fraction of the cleaning power of a VACUFLO system. Furthermore, uprights re-circulate much of the dirt they collect – and send it right back into your home! VACUFLO is the uncontested leader when it comes to central vacuum systems. Why? It’s simple. A VACUFLO features cyclonic filtration technology (CFT), a unique dual filtration process that utilizes cyclonic separation for primary filtration. Unlike other central vac systems that rely on permanent cloth filters, the cleaning power of a VACUFLO will not diminish as dirt accumulates. VACUFLO offers a variety of VACUFLO systems depending on the size of your home and your specific needs. Based on there longstanding experience in the business, we can help you determine the best model for your home. The VACUFLO is available in true-cyclonic or filtered-cyclonic models. Whatever your preference, there’s no mistaking the benefits of a VACUFLO system.

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