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Regina vacuum cleaners began appearing in the early 20th century. The Regina Company began in 1892, but their first products were music boxes and replacement parts for music boxes. They branched out into vacuums and in particular canister vacuums. As the company continued to grow, they began releasing different types of vacuums onto the market.

Regina vacuum cleaners were available as upright models in the 1930s, and in the 1940s they started selling stick vacuums. This first stick vacuum was known as the Electrikbroom, and still remains a popular collector’s item today because so many still exist. With government cutbacks and rations affecting everyone during World War II, Regina stopped making vacuums for a short period of time and retrofitted their factory to create bomb fuses as part of the war effort.

Towards the end of the 1960s, the company began branching out into other areas of cleaning. They created cleaners and shampoos to use with the cleaners, in the hopes of increasing profits. Profits continued to decline, which led to the company branching out into other areas as well. In addition to Regina vacuum cleaners, they also released some appliances for the home, but those appliances were only sold in Canada.

The expansion into the appliance market helped Regina in another way. A new group of investors came onboard and purchased the majority of the company in 1984. They continued to create new appliances and release them as Homespa branded products. The 1980s also saw an increase in the performance and power of their vacuums.

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