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Vacuum Cleaner Parts & Accessories - Rainbow

One of the main advantages associated with Rainbow vacuum cleaners is that the use of water sets their product aside from others on the market. The typical vacuum cleaner comes with a porous bag that collects the dirt extracted from carpets and floors. After the first few moments of a vacuum bag's life, the effectiveness is marred because dirt begins to clog the tiny holes located within. The airflow becomes compromised and dust is shot back into the room in different ways. But with the Rainbow E2 and other models, water is used to capture dirt and contain it within a reservoir. Once cleaning is complete, the reservoir, which is rather lightweight, can be emptied and reused. Since the reservoir is the only part of the vacuum that collects unwanted materials from carpets, floors and beyond, this means no more vacuum cleaner bags. Many consumers enjoy the fact that they don’t have to rush to the store to purchase these items for their vacuum cleaner anymore. The water filtration system of Rainbow vacuum cleaners traps close to 100% of the typical amounts of household dirt. Allergy sufferers truly benefit from the use of Rainbow products because the water washes the dirt from the air stream that releases back into the atmosphere. This means less sneezing, less allergic reactions, and less choking from dusty rooms that usual vacuum cleaners tend to create. Not only allergy sufferers benefit from the features and capabilities associated with the Rainbow line of products. The HEPA Neutralizer has the ability to trap particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Fungal spores, ragweed pollen, pet dander, bacteria staphylococcus, mold spores, and dust mite residue is eliminated in the process. Other common household irritants are also eradicated with the use of a Rainbow cleaner. By pairing the water filtration and HEPA neutralizing components, many praise Rainbow products as being one of the leaders of clean air products in the industry. Consumers also enjoy the variety of scent choices that come with the Rainbow fragrance kit, which provides 2-ounce bottles that accommodate all vacuums in the line. Rooms have the potential to showcase the odors of pine, apple, gardenia, and lemon. Getting a hold of such products are rather easy, as the Internet and company provides a wide-range of Rainbow parts, including brush rolls, pans, belts, cords, motors, hoses, wheels, and attachments. Overall, Rainbow vacuum cleaners combine the power of air with the muscle of water creates a cleaning machine that efficiently satisfies the needs of a household.

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