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Wide Area Vacuums

A wide area vacuum cleaner is typically used on large carpeted areas. In recent years they have gained in popularity due to their capability of efficiently cleaning floors in a shorter time compared to regular vacuums. Most commercial establishments nowadays run on busy schedules and therefore require regular cleaning without disruption of normal operations. When faced with a lot of square footage to clean and a tight timetable, wide area vacuum cleaners can be a real lifesaver.

Commercial Wide Area Vacuums

For those running commercial cleaning businesses, wide area vacuums can save time and money as they increase your productivity significantly. Basically, with a much wider cleaning component coupled with a longer cord, the operator is able to be much more efficient. Our many selections have features and designs that make carpet cleaning fast and thorough. Look through our wide area vacuum cleaners to find the dimension and weight you desire. Additionally, most of our vacuums are available with attachments and brush settings for specific needs.

Dependable and Reliable

Our commercial wide area vacuums feature durability and enhanced design. For example, most have ergonomic handles and other special features. Some handles even fold down for easier storage. Other specifications you might want to consider when looking at wide area vacuums include filtration, motor speed, voltage, noise level and equipment maintenance. We have a number of parts available in case replacement is necessary. With our selection of wide area vacuum cleaners, you're sure to find the model that’s perfect for your cleaning needs.